Something you will learn about me is that I like to know everything about everything. I think this is why gardening has me so intrigued – because I don’t think you can know everything. Even gardening guru Monty (swoon) will readily admit he is learning every day. Gardening is forever evolving, which is pretty exciting, and certainly sows the seeds (not even sorry) for a life-long love.

Why the waffling? Well, I’ve caught the bug so what’s the first thing I do – research. There are so many books and shows about gardening but I’m a fair few years off my blue rinse and it seems that all gardeners hit 60 and all of a sudden they grow their green fingers and can recite every species of Begonia, with Latin becoming a second language. They certainly know their Lamprocapnos spectabilis from their Ilex vomitoria. (Thank you google).

To even make my way through the basics of the jargon I have had to read an encyclopaedia full, so I thought – lets bridge this gap. Im sure there are millions (well at least 10’s) of other people out there who get the gardening urge but give up because 5 books and a box set of ‘love your garden’ later they still dont know what ‘gone to seed’ means – I’m with you on this – and who’s this Peat and why has he become some sort of pariah?

…I’m Helen by the way. (Without wanting to sound like a blind-date profile) Im 30 and I’m from Yorkshire (oooooooh). I live with my husband (he’s yet to fall for gardening) and my two littlies who have been the absolute nucleus to get outside and learn how to make our modest outdoor space into a family haven.

So here goes, lets DIG in!!

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