My humble all-pot-ment

What is an all-pot-ment? An allotment, in pots!

My garden is like millions across the country – a bit of patio, a bit of grass ‘for the kids to kick a ball on’, and lots of fence! We are out in the garden a lot, so I wanted to make it better – more appealing to the littlies. I want to play WITH them, not just watch. With my football skills leaving A LOT to be desired, gardening and growing was the way forward. There is little space in our garden to dedicate to an allotment so the all-pot-ment was born!

Initially, the all-pot-ment was created out of necessity – due to lack of space – but actually, in many ways it’s BETTER than the traditional kind! This year is my first real go at growing and I’ve already learnt so much. Some of my pots are scattered around the garden, in different locations, and I’ve learnt that courgettes and tomatoes like lots of sun – I have two pots of each and it’s amazing the difference in size already – and carrots do well in a part shade or full sun spot (some might poo-poo this). With having all my goodies in pots I’m free to move them around the garden, to take advantage of the different climates, and I can space them out to they don’t start encroaching and arguing!  I’ve also learnt that my littlies HATE radishes and pac choi is amazing!

What did I do first? I gathered as many pots as I could find – all miss-matched and chipped, made a bunker out of the leftover fencing (don’t look too close), then set off to my local nursery, littlies in tow. I talked with the staff there and asked what veg was best-suited to pots. Amazingly, there aren’t really many that aren’t! I got tumbling tomatoes, courgettes, pac choi, radishes, carrots, peas, potatoes , broccoli and herbs. I went for young plants instead of seeds, mainly because I don’t have a greenhouse, or any confidence with growing, so I wanted a head start! I set off home with all my plants, four bags of compost, and a belly-full of enthusiasm and excitement – my journey had begun!

The littlies and I can’t wait to get outside each day to see what’s grown, what’s been eaten by the slugs (!) and what we can pick and munch. It’s the most rewarding adventure and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


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