The first pickings

Your first homegrown harvest is a hard one to beat! You’ve spent weeks, months, nurturing, mothering, your green creations and now it’s time for your prize.

This morning, I delved beyond the green canopy of one of my pots to reveal a plump, vibrant, jewel – my first ripe radish. It was a special moment, the payment for my hard work and attention – it deserved a second of indulgence.

CUE THE LITTLIES – my 3 year old sensed a moment of serenity a mile off and immediately came over to investigate. Before I knew it, he had ripped the gem from its earthy slumber and was quite literally jumping for joy.

After a quick shower and trim, the radish was offered – a reward for all his hard work. I was so excited for him. For me, ‘growing your own’ is a reminder that persistence pays off – for him it’s nothing short of magic, watching these beauties grow and evolve.

I immediately regretted my choice of offerings when I saw his wonderment turn to dismay and his ‘yummy’ change to a distinct YUK… maybe we’ll have more luck with the peas!

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