The person-proof plant

Plants can be terrifying things. It’s easy find ourselves pandering to their every whim. More shade, more sun, too much water, not enough food and for god’s sake – DON’T TOUCH THEM. The succulent laughs at these plants and tells them to get a grip! They were built with a body armour to withstand the most hostile conditions by storing all they need in their fleshy, padded limbs. They’re the plant that doesn’t panic or start whimpering if you go on holiday for a week… or month! They will wave you farewell and greet you with open arms, while their peers have turned to dust.

The variety of succulents range from beautiful rosette formations that stand to attention, to martian-like structures full of intrigue and wonder – a definite hit with the littlies. You can imagine the characters created in young minds based around these whimsical organisms.

My most recent succulent purchase was from IKEA of all places. Now a plant that can survive a stretch in IKEA, which has broken grown men, is the plant for me!


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